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 Frank A. Wechsler - BIO



I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana where there was always music in our home.


When my mother was young she sang with her sister at various functions throughout the state.  Later she chose to become a loving wife and mother, rather than touring as a vocalist in a big band.  I recall gathering around the piano with my sister and brothers as my mother played, and Dad would join us as we all would sing songs together.


My grandparents, aunts and uncles on both sides of my family, sang and played piano and guitar.  My cousins formed a singing and performing quintet The Huff Sisters.


At age 12, I started clarinet  lessons and at 15, I began taking guitar  lessons.


Joining up with high school classmates as a lead guitarist, I became part of a rock group The Lords of London.  That was a fun and great experience playing at high school functions, and other events throughout the state.  I also played saxophone in the high school band.


After high school, I attended Indiana University/Purdue University where I studied courses in music composition and piano.


I moved to Colorado, in the 70's and organized, Frank A. Wechsler Group a pop/jazz group, performing in major hotel chains and numerous nightclubs, as well as other events throughout the west.


As an educational and musical stretch, I moved into two different directions as a vocalist. First I was hired as a lead vocalist for a 19 piece big band jazz group The Glen Miller Big Band Review. Second, I became a member as a tenor vocalist for The Denver Concert Chorale and Orchestra.


During that same time, I started recording music in Colorado, and Los Angeles.  I moved to Los Angeles in the 80's, where I continued recording music, as well as performing in nightclubs.


I now make Colorado, my music home base.



         " Overlook " - Rocky Mountain National Park,Colorado.    

Photo Copyrighted by:  Frank A. Wechsler